Winter Tyres Effectiveness-Lessons From Volvo Tests

It is very obvious to any driver that winter tyres must be very effective especially in heavy snow days on the road. To prove the effectiveness of tyres specifically made for the winter and the snow, Volvo has taken this to the next level with a number of tests where a snow slope had to be ascended. The information is expected to aid in making some tight decisions by a number of countries on whether tyres made specifically for the winter should be compulsory. After the elaborate test, it was discovered that winter types of tyres are capable of reducing the distance of braking in dicey and slippery conditions while enhancing road safety at the same time inspiring the confidence of the driver.

The Elaborate Test

The tests brought in two identical Volvo models, the V40 D2, with the only difference being on the wheels where one had winter tyres and the other standard tyres. The tests took place in the UK’s indoor ski slope known as Tamworth Snowdome. These cars would try to see if any of them could reach the snowy summit. The same test was repeated again, this time round with the use of snow socks, temporary low cost winter tyre alternative to ascertain if there would be an enhanced performance of normal tyres once exposed to a slippery surface.


The result was that standard or normal tyres had problems all the way through and could not even make five meters as the V40 was carried comfortably by the winter tyres beyond the marker that had been put at 100 meters all the way to the top of the wintry slope. Essentially, the winter tyres are made using softer rubber substances capable of gripping the surface effectively, ensuring that the car retains its traction and stability, boosts the confidence of the driver while ensuring the car was successfully coping with the harsh conditions. Also, the snow sock fabric usually added on standard tyres made them cope better in the snow and it takes only a few minutes to put them on. Snow socks effectively transformed the performance of the standard tyres.

Skepticism Before The Test

There were a lot of questions many people asked themselves especially before the test since the results were expected to make winter tyres compulsory in the UK as is in other countries where snow is part of the overall climate. Many wondered if they are really worth their cost and whether they really made any difference such as summer tyres do during greasy conditions. Also, it was not exactly clear what the best winter tyres are and the best place where they would be found. Lots of people have been cynical about the whole issue of winter tyres and seemed like a protracted conspiracy that had brought tyre manufacturers and designers together to fleece the public their money for something that was not really needed. However, those who have been able to try winter tyres or looked at the widely circulated Volvo winter tyre test video have differing opinions about the whole issue.

In other words, if you cannot afford winter tyres that are much safer in slippery icy conditions, a snow sock is a better and affordable alternative.

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