Upgrades of the a Classic Car

A classic car has the ability to provide memories from past decades. Whether the classic ride is equipped with a monstrous V-8 engine or an efficient six-cylinder motor, it is destined to make a lasting impression as it cruises down the street. Unfortunately, most classic cars are only driven on special occasions. Here are a few modern upgrades that can help transform a classic car into a daily-driver.

Classic CarPower Steering

Most classic cars are equipped with a manual steering rack, which means that more physical effort will be required to steer the vehicle. Although some car owners actually favor the feel of a manual steering rack, there are others that would prefer power steering. The installment of a power steering system will make the task of turning the steering wheel a lot easier.

Disc Brakes

For classic car owners that frequently drive their vehicle, upgrading to disc brakes is an absolute must. The enhanced stopping power will make the classic ride much safer when navigating on the streets. Although drum brakes will get the job done, they fail in comparison to disc brakes. The maintenance of a disc braking system is also a lot simpler.

Electric Fan

In regards to keeping an engine cool, electric fans are superior to the mechanical fans of yesteryear. In hot weather, mechanical fans are unable to effectively lower the temperature of the engine. If the classic car owner wants to minimize the risk of their engine overheating, an electric fan unit will work a lot better. Most electric fans are programmed to come on automatically at a set temperature. However, some people prefer to turn on the electric fan via an interior switch.

Extra Gauges

The majority of classic cars were equipped from the factory with a simplistic gauge cluster. Although these gauges are easy to read, they lack displays for the engine temperature and charging system of the vehicle. Due to the fact that an overheated engine can be destroyed in a matter of minutes, it is essential that the temperature of the engine is able to be monitored. If the alternator is getting weak, the driver will be able to clearly see the readings onthe charging gauge.

Electronic Ignition

Electronic ignition revolutionized the automotive world. Unlike a point’s ignition system, an electronic ignition system is typically very reliable. Automotive websites such as BlueSkyClassicCars.com provide more information.

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