Oddball Ideas Cars Of The Future Might Actually Have!

One of the things that I love learning about is what future technologies can do to help us become better motorists on the roads of Britain.

Car manufacturers have developed all sorts of assistive and ‘adaptive’ technologies to either make our lives on the road easier or safer, or to help us learn how we should perform certain tasks more efficiently than we do today.


  For example, it is not uncommon to buy certain models which use cameras and sensors to park your car for you; it’s obvious the owners of the cars shown above could do with such technology!

 But what sort of weird and wonderful ideas could possibly become reality for cars of the future? Here are my thoughts on what we might see in years to come!

 Cars that can park themselves anywhere remotely

 At the moment, technology exists from carmakers such as Ford that lets your car park itself under certain circumstances.

 Whilst this will obviously be used for parallel parking or reversing into parking spaces at supermarket car parks, imagine how awesome it would be if we could have cars that started themselves up on a cold winter’s morning, drove themselves out of a garage and then sat on the driveway ready for you to drive to work?

 Automated indicators

 I’m probably being a tad stereotypical here, but it would seem the drivers of certain makes of car such as Audis and BMWs either aren’t aware that they need to use their indicators when they drive, or they assumed that their all-singing and all-dancing cars would automatically indicate for them (just like how their wipers would come on when it’s raining, or how their headlights would come on when it gets dark).

 So here’s an idea: indicators that operate without driver input! Of course, such a system would need to know when it should be using an indicator, such as turning left or right into a road, and when not to use them, such as drive around corners on continuous stretches of road.

 Cars that can couple together to form road trains

 Anyone that has ever travelled anywhere by train will have noticed that each carriage is coupled to another. These trains usually have engines under certain carriages, or there might be ‘engines’ at either end of the train.

 One way to lower emissions on our roads today for cars that are travelling to specific destinations would be to form road trains! These cars could easily couple onto other cars, and say if 6 cars formed a road train, only two or so would need to have their engines running!

 I know, this sounds a bit silly, but think of the possibilities in reducing harmful CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions and making our cars a bit more eco-friendly! I doubt such a thing will ever happen, but you never know!

 Petrol and diesel engines becoming obsolete, in favour of electric motors

 There is a slow uptake of electric cars on Britain’s roads today, but it would be great if electric car technology became more affordable for all motorists to the point that petrol and diesel engines could be made obsolete so that we stop our planet turning into a big ball of carbon dioxide gas!

 For now though, you could always head over to the Tilsun Group website and take a look at their latest lease deals on Ford cars, some of which have assistive technologies such as self-parking cars!

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