No Expense Spared: How To Make An Old Car Brand New Again

If you have an old car like a classic car or perhaps an oldish car which is still quite valuable, such as a Ford Escort RS Cosworth or a Porsche 356, you will doubtless be aware that your car has ‘gone on’ a bit and will be showing signs of wear and tear – even if you don’t drive the car on a regular basis.



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Many things will have made your pride and joy from showroom condition into something less than desirable such as every motorist’s worst nightmare – rust – and, of course, mechanical and electric issues that will eventually plague every car after a period of time.


If you have a much-loved and valuable car that could do with a bit of TLC, you might be wondering what to do with it. Well, if money is no object, you could bring it back into showroom condition once again and in the majority of cases increase its value!


Here is a no expense spared guide to making your old car like new again!


Do some research into the best experts for your car


The first thing to do would be to research some experts and professionals that can help you restore your car to its former glory without bodging anything up in the process. You will only want the best for your car, which is what it deserves!



Sources of information to help you out can include owner’s clubs, who are often affiliated with specialist body shops and mechanics. They could even save you a few quid too if you mention that you got their details through the owner’s club!


Buy another car for your daily driving


If you actually use your car for everyday use, you will need to buy another car to use purely for everyday motoring purposes that you could then sell on once your car has been completely restored.


Because a car restoration process could take anything from a few months to a few years, it is important that you remain mobile in the process! Check out car dealerships such as the Pentagon Group for the best deals on cars to suit your requirements.


Do some of the work yourself


Although the cost might not be an issue to you when it comes to getting your car completely restored, you might want to get involved with some of the restoration work.


How involved you want to be is obviously your decision, but here are some ideas of what you could do:


  • Engine removal – part of the restoration process will obviously involve having your engine rebuilt from top to bottom. If you are handy with some tools and you have the right equipment at your disposal, you could remove the engine from your car yourself (with the help of a friend!) so that it is ready to be shipped to your specialist engine rebuilder;
  • Interior stripping – old cars tend to have worn-out interiors, so you may want to remove parts of your car’s interior such as the carpets and seats to be reupholstered by professional upholsterers;
  • Exterior stripping – your car will most probably need a new paint job, so you could remove things like wipers, headlights and tail lights, bumpers and glass to prepare your car for its respray.

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