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     Electronic Control Units (ECU), are taking the industry by storm and you must be living under a rock, if you haven’t heard about it. Unitronic is definitely the leader in high performance tuning and is backed by solid research and development. With so many hot in-demand products under their belt; you get plenty to choose from when trying to boost your cars performance. Unitronic is unmatched and is the best at offering the highest quality performance enhancing hardware and software products, on the market today.

     The company started out small by offering services to local dealerships and garages, that dealt with everyday electrical problems. Unitronic finally entered the automotive industry; specializing in the (APS) Aftermarket Performance Sector. The company now dominates the field with it’s High Performance Chip Software and further offers hardware and software for companies like Audi, Skoda, Volkswagen, and many more. here is some information about some of the products.


  • Unitronic K04 Turbo Upgrade Kit for 2.0 TSI-AVS really brings the power and has a Borg Warner K04 Turbo Charger. European modeled cars get the benefit because of their transversely mounted engine design, making it the perfect fit. With Unitronic’s retooled exhaust housing and compressor; there isn’t a need to add any specific test/down pipe. The ECU is optimized for high performance and during an in-house test run for the Audi A5; output went up to 335 horse-power / 300 TQ while on 93 octane fuel.


  • Unitronic Stage2 + Performance Software Made For The K04 Kit
  • Unitronic K04-0064 (Modified) Turbo Charger
  • Unitronic Hardware Kit For 2.0 TSI AVS – (Gaskets and Hardware)
  • And Many More…
  • Unitronic 3″ Downpipe For 1.8/2.0 TSI-GEN 3 will outperform and outlast any of the competitors downpipes. With stainless steel tubing, flex section, flanges, and sturdy TIG welded fabrication. You get ultimate airflow and performance from the 200-cell flow catalytic converter. The v-band flanges of the exhaust ensures an effortless installation process and a precise fitment. Even the exhaust tunnel has heat shielded protection against radiating temperatures. This is definitely one of the best aftermarket pipes out there. For more info on these items and more click here.–2014-2015.

*Ultimate Performance Software for 2.0 TSI GEN3*

     Unitronic software interprets the baseline figures and all data being collected for maximum performance. The company goes even further with it’s research and development by closely controlling and monitoring it’s data tools until optimum performance is achieved. Benefits from this is:

  • Giving you/driver OEM like drivability

  • Improving and maximizing fuel efficiency

  • Higher throttle response

     Stage 1 and Stage 1+ high performance software are designed for stock vehicles. This is a great entry-level upgrade, which has no additional hardware enhancements or modifications. Test stock vehicle’s horse-power was raised from 229 to 254 with the Stage 1 added. All other test vehicle’s horse-power increased dramatically with both Stage 1 and Stage 1+ Performance Software.


  • Unitronic Intercooler Upgrade Kit For 2.0 TSI GEN 2 has raised the bar even higher for intercooler kits. This OEM Replacement kit has the ability to support up to 600 horse-power. The massive intercooler core is made from aluminum (T5052) and (T6061), which has the ability to resist extreme heat while maintaining efficient and optimum cooling in all driving conditions.

  • Fuel Injectors that come in sizes of 630cc, 870cc, and 440cc providing superior response and atomization.

     With so many performance parts available; it’s time to step your game up with (ECU) Tuning.

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