What to Look For When Buying Diecast Model Cars

These days, it seems like there are more unique hobbies and interest groups vying for our time than ever before. While some people prefer video games or simply binge-watching the latest TV trend on Netflix, there is still plenty of interest in classic, “old school” hobbies as well. Diecast model cars are a perfect example of hobbies that continue to see a passionate community around the globe. If you’ve recently developed an interest in model cars, you may find yourself wondering how to begin Read more […]

How A Great Car Buying Guide Can Save You Money

Saving money on a car isn’t always as easy as it’s cracked up to be, unless you’re using a great car buying guide to help you along the way. What makes a great car buying guide? A great car buying guide will not only help you find a car, it can also help you do side by side comparisons, research your financing options, and find a great dealer to negotiate with. When it comes to saving money on a new or used car an online car buying guide can help you with all of that and more. First of all, Read more […]

When and When Not to Go to Car Repair Shop

Visiting a repair shop every time you need to fix your car might not be the wisest and most cost-efficient tactic.   Whenever your car experiences some sort of problem, the best choice for you to do is to go to a car repair shop. It’s better for car experts to check and handle the problem, especially if it’s a serious one. They can ensure that your car will be in a better condition. After all, they have the right knowledge and skills.   However, there are some car issues that Read more […]

The basic tire maintenance tips

Maintaining suspension systems and good tires is vital to ensure the safety of vehicles in circulation. It is important that you consider the following aspects for the proper maintenance of these systems analyzed. Basic Tire Maintenance: – Depth of the tread. The legal minimum is 1.6mm drawing. It is advisable to change the tire with less than 3mm depth. There are witnesses wear references. A greater wear, increased stopping distance, increased risk of aquaplaning. – Correct tire pressure.  It Read more […]

Why second hand cars are becoming popular

Sometime back when an individual wanted to buy a car, all they had to do was to visit their local dealer to select the model and type of their of their preferred choice. People preferred brand new cars mainly because of the warranty that accompanied them. But since the year 2007, economic slump, people no longer hold this perception. Economic meltdown that resulted made it hard for majority of people to buy brand new cars. Their personal credit is no longer the same because it’s been cut off or Read more […]

ECU Tuning

     Electronic Control Units (ECU), are taking the industry by storm and you must be living under a rock, if you haven’t heard about it. Unitronic is definitely the leader in high performance tuning and is backed by solid research and development. With so many hot in-demand products under their belt; you get plenty to choose from when trying to boost your cars performance. Unitronic is unmatched and is the best at offering the highest quality performance enhancing hardware and software Read more […]

Maintenence Tips Every Range Rover Owner Should Know

A Range Rover is a very durable and reliable car and it will usually last for quite some time and provide you with performance you can count on. However, like any other car it is important to keep it well maintained so that it stays in good condition. If you don’t keep on top of maintaining your vehicle it can deteriorate very quickly and cause you a lot of expensive issues. The Range Rover is made by Land Rover, which is a British car company manufacturing luxury SUVs. These vehicles are elegant Read more […]

How To Diagnose Strange Smells And Odours From Your Car

One of the things about owning a car, regardless of its age, is that you will come to notice all sorts of weird and wonderful smells and odours coming from various parts of it.   Whether it be a smell coming through your air vents, from a certain part of the engine or from underneath the car, some smells and odours might be unfamiliar to you, and you may become concerned about whether it’s something that could lead to a big (and expensive) problem that you will have to sort out.   Photo Read more […]

No Expense Spared: How To Make An Old Car Brand New Again

If you have an old car like a classic car or perhaps an oldish car which is still quite valuable, such as a Ford Escort RS Cosworth or a Porsche 356, you will doubtless be aware that your car has ‘gone on’ a bit and will be showing signs of wear and tear – even if you don’t drive the car on a regular basis.   Photo via Flickr   Many things will have made your pride and joy from showroom condition into something less than desirable such as every motorist’s worst nightmare Read more […]

Practical Ways To Keep Your Car Running In Winter

As we are in the midst of winter here in the United Kingdom, and the weather is progressively getting colder, the thoughts of many a motorist are turning to whether their cars are going to be able to cope with the harsh winter conditions with ease or not.   Photo via Flickr   I personally drive a fairly old car (it’s about 15 years old) and I’ll be honest with you, I do wonder whether it is going to make it through another winter but so far I’ve not had any major issues Read more […]