Car Modification Tips

Car modification and enhancement is a popular hobby today amongst many car owners. While many simply like the pleasure of creating a vehicle that looks great and stands out from the rest, other people are more interested in boosting the overall performance put out by the car.

Souped-up cars are certainly enjoying the limelight in Hollywood too with more and more movies ‘The Fast and The Furious’ featuring adrenaline-filled car chases, vehicle enhancements are becoming much more commonplace. This may go some way to explain why those interested in these enhancements are creating mean machines that are growing ever-closer to the look of those in the movies.

For newcomers to the hobby however, there are a few considerations that should be taken before embarking on a ride-pimping binge, some that could save you a lot of time and money, and others that could prevent you from adding points to your driving license, a criminal record or even worse.

Modification Laws

While adding some sweet new features to your vehicle will certainly make it look and perform better, it’s wise to consider laws and legislations in your country that may prohibit the use of excessive features such as under-car neon lights, tinted windows, large spoilers and chunky body kits.

Getting caught driving a car that uses modifications outside of the law can land you a driving ban, fine or other legal action. This handy guide to car modification restrictions in the UK may help understand where the law’s concerns lie when it comes to enhanced vehicles.

Cause and Effect

It’s understandable that many can’t wait to start adding as many new features to their car as possible, but it’s important to understand the effect that each new addition is having on your car, and how they are affecting each other.

For example, the air flow of a car is very important when it comes to a good performance, and adding a new intake to your car could do it plenty of good in this respect, but you will struggle to get the best possible performance from it without adding a new exhaust or headers.

Put simply, each new addition is part of a fully functioning system, and it’s important to discuss with a mechanic or modification expert which changes complement each other so you don’t create a vehicle that is a waste of money on wheels, or a rolling death trap.

Extra Tips

Here are a few final tips to consider when shopping for vehicle mods to help you get the best possible performance from your car.

Changing your wheels out for smarter and more efficient models isn’t just for show. While you’re new wheels will certainly look great while cruising around, but they will also increase the performance of your vehicle. For example, by changing your old wheels out for wheels that are both lighter and stronger, the overall weight of the vehicle will be less than usual meaning the amount of torque it takes to drive the car is less, and the car will therefore accelerate faster.

Also, adding ‘chip’ to your car will essentially modify the vehicle’s programming, and rewrite the fuel maps to make the car more efficient, not to mention huge benefits to more high-end cars that already have a turbo boost.

So there we have a look at some quick and simple considerations and tips to make when getting into the world of vehicle customization and modifying. Be sure to drive safe and have plenty of fun while creating your dream vehicle!

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