Benefits of Using a Professional Car Wash

These days, owning a car is more than just a luxury; it has become a necessity for many people.  One of the greatest concerns associated with owning a car is maintaining a proper schedule of care and maintenance.  Since our cars are one of our largest investments, it is important to keep them running and looking their best. Regular washing minimizes oxidation and maintains your car’s finish, which is even more prone to damage in areas that experience harsh winters.  While many people prefer to wash their car at home, very few realize that there are many benefits—both for your car and the environment—of opting to use a professional carwash instead.

Professional Car WashProfessionals Save You Time

In today’s world, we all live busy lives and adhere to demanding schedules that require a large portion of our time.  With all our other priorities and obligations it can be difficult to find the free time required to wash our vehicles, especially if we have a family to tend to. Professional car washes save us valuable time and energy that can be better spent on other activities.

Prevent Damage to the Car’s Finish

Believe it or not, a lot of modern research indicates that washing your car by hand is actually more harmful to your car’s finish than using a drive through car wash or a professional car wash company.  A hand wash can produce so many scratches that you can actually wear down the lustrous finish.  The special attachment brush for your garden hose is even more devastating to your car’s finish.

Professional car washes are often equipped with automatic or “touch less” car wash equipment designed to preserve the paint job.  These car washes also guarantee to make your car look like it did when you first drove it off the lot. A “touch less” car wash uses high-powered jets and pressurized detergents.  It completely eliminates the need for brushes that can potentially damage your car’s finish.

Car Washes are more Eco-Friendly

Green living is becoming an ever more popular trend. However, many individuals are misguided in their understanding of how much water is used at a professional car wash, as well as the chemicals used. Many commercial car washes today are much more eco-friendly than if you were to complete the job at home.  Not only are you likely to use more water than necessary but the harsh chemicals and detergents you use are more likely to contaminate or pollute local water sources. According to the International Carwash Association, the average person uses almost twice as much water (about 100 gallons) as a commercial car wash to get a single carwash done.

In addition to excess water consumption, the dirty, contaminated water you rinse off your car washes away into storm drains and into the ground.  Since this water is not treated, it is very likely that the chemicals and detergents you use will end up in the soil or a local water source, which could harm local wildlife and plants.  Professional car washes are required by federal law to drain their contaminated water into sewer systems where it can be treated before it is disposed of.  Many commercial car washes will also recycle their treated water and use it again to rinse vehicles.  The most eco-friendly professional car washes use biodegradable products and steam to clean vehicles.

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