A short Synopsis of Accudraft

Accudraft Paint Booths is a company which is an expert in tackling more than one product for years, and has spread its business in parts of the western hemisphere. It not only deals in automobiles and trucks but also does the same finishing work for the aircraft companies. Accudraft Paint Booths are used mainly for the proficient and productive environment. It is a well known fact that the presence of any contaminant will affect the quality of the paint job. A paint booth is an arrangement which has been planned to keep dust and other related contaminants out from the painting area of any substance.

They are a world leader in the paint booth system and the finishing systems. The spray booth system is a great invention of the Accudraft. It is one of the most reliable systems that the company has manufactured for its customers. The spray booth system provides customized combinations of the tunnels and the exhaust stations which has the automated control systems. The system is used in wide variety of industries ranging from the automotive, truck industries to the aerospace industry. These days the manufacturing department has been shifted to paint booths N J, U.S and Italy. The company possesses its services, transactions and products by maintaining the set standards for the investors, creditors, suppliers and the customers. It has a wide distribution network and a channel of partners.

Accudraft paint booths are among one of the most advanced paint booths which are available in the market. The spray booths are available in varied types and sizes which are used to cater to the different needs of the rich customer base of the company. There unit of paint booth NY is one of such providers. It not only manufactures these products but also provide the needed after sale services to the customers as and when needed. This proves their dedication towards their work.

Accudraft has got a wide link of distributors; however, it doesn’t stop here, as the company always looks for new sources and channels of distributers in order to expand its business. The territories covered by it are U.S., central, south America and Mexico. Any paint booth distributer can join Accudraft if they desire to be an authorized vendor of the same.

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The following post has been provided by Accudraft paint booths, which has pioneered specialized skills in their work through their experience over the years. They have always been in the glare of publicity in the sphere of their work in various parts of the world including paint booth. This has made them a specialist in this particular line of work.



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